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WKT for Coordinate Reference Systems

This extension allows the use of the “Well-known text representation of coordinate reference systems” format (OGC 12-063r5, also known as CRS WKT2) to describe SRSs.


If using this extension, add the following row to this table:

Column Value
table_name gpkg_spatial_ref_sys
column_name definition_12_063
extension_name gpkg_crs_wkt
scope read-write


When this extension is in use, an additional column called definition_12_063 is added to this table. If software is creating or updating a GeoPackage, it is expected to populate this column when it adds an SRS. For compatibility reasons, it should also populate the original (definition) column if possible (note that this is not possible for all SRSs).

When reading a GeoPackage, client software is expected to prioritize definition_12_063 column over definition. If the software is unable to read definition_12_063 (i.e., it does not recognize the extension) or that column is unpopulated, then it may fall back to using definition.